It is possible to innovate in the legal practice. AROC Panamá is born in 2008 as a response to the National Talent of PANAMÁ, to provide the #NewTrademarksofPanama with the world’s most advanced Intellectual Property tools.

We have managed to uplift and advise many powerful Entrepreneurial Trademarks in Panama, using our strategies of Legal / Commercial / Creative consulting.

#VivirdetusIDEAS (#ToLivefromyourIDEAS) is a motto that unites us. We are ready to assist you to land and materialize your Entrepreneurial project.


Every Entrepreneurship aspires to become a great Trademark, as those that we are used to consume, only that now ours!

Our expertise in Intellectual Property allows us to create for YOU:

  • • A Legal and Commercial structure for your project
  • • Connect you with other local Trademarks to create opportunities
  • • Teach you how to commercialize your IDEAS
  • • Export National Talent in the form of products when you are ready

    Your TRADEMARK is your most important Asset in your Project – it is de SIGN that distinguishes your product or service in the Market, so your Trademark must become your PROPERTY!

    Start your Entrepreneurship giving it what it need to grow, protect your TRADEMARK

    • Registration of TRADEMARKS

    • Defense against infringements

    • TRADEMARK registration in more than 50 countries


    In the second line we have the Copyrights – the property over WHAT you create. Protect the essence and personality of your business with a Copyright title

    If you CREATE, Copyrights are the patrimony you have, therefore they must belong to you!

    • Copyright deposits

    • Defense against infringements

    • Mediation for the separation of intangible property


    Did you create a SOLUTION to a problem? You are an Inventor! Take advantage of the economical benefits that your CREATIVITY may provide for your LIFE.

    The PATENT system exists since 1883 in order for you as a CREATOR to perceive the worth of your IDEAS

    • Drafting of Patent Technical Description

    • Registration and processing of Patents in PANAMA

    • Registration of Industrial Designs

    • Registration of Industrial Designs and Patents in more than 50 countries

  • COMPANY or Natural Person

    Seeking to regularize your business? Our recommendation as Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property advisors is that you should not spend a minute outside of the LAW. That is why we use the hashtag #AMOLALEY (#ILOVETHELAW). The Law helps us to build an entrepreneurship with order.

    • Incorporation of a company for your Business

    • Regularization before the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Economics and the Municipality

    • Creation of agreements between Shareholders and Partners.

    • Legal / Commercial / Creative Strategies


      Every business or entrepreneurship should have a SET of Commercial Agreements that allows it to promote CLEAR/STABLE/DEFINED commercial relationships. Once your IDEAS belong to you, it is necessary to commercialize them correctly in order for you to #LiveFromYourIDEAS (#VivirdetusIDEAS)

      • Drafting of Collaboration Agreements

      • Franchise Agreements

      • Creation of Work Frames for Trademarks

      • Mediation and Resolution of Conflicts

      • All kinds of Professional Services agrements

MEMBERSHIPS AROC remains at the forefront in the Memberships of these Organizations that update us in the area of intellectual property, designation of origin, and give us the best tools for the management of our clients' intangibles.
  • INTA is the most prestigious and largest private Intellectual Property organization in the world. AROC is a member of the Association since 2009, seeking to provide our customers the best Correspondents Network in the world of Intellectual Property.

    Every year in May we travel to the annual summit to update and maintain personal contact with our correspondents in more than 20 countries.

  • Also since 2009 AROC is a member of ORIGIN, an organization that provides support to developing countries to strengthen the implementation of Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indications that enhance the value of traditional products in the market, as was the case of Panamanian coffee and pineapple, among others.

  • Interty is a Network of Intellectual Property Specialists in more than 30 countries, united in a global intranet that allows us to handle cases in all these jurisdictions in the most agile and efficient way.

    INTERTY is a vision for the future of how to provide our services globaly in a globalized and simultaneous manner.

  • We have worked as consultants for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from 2011 to 2015 for the development of new brands in the coffee smallholder sector, using Intellectual Property and Branding strategies, thereby creating new opportunities for Small Producers. #YotomocafedeProductorPequeño - #IDrinkSmallProducerCoffee

To live to tell about it We are pioneers in creating, promoting, advising, protecting, and defending the National Talent of PANAMA in the face of Entrepreneurs. Today #LoCoolesLocal TM and AROC conform a whole Community of Entrepreneurs that are advised, regularized and SUCCESSFUL.

Know more about the #AROCworld (#MundoAROC) through our Events and Collaboration Networks that we have created for you, ENTREPRENEUR#EmprendeSeguro

  • Undertake Entrepreneurship with Creativity and Succsess! Many of the members of the #CommunityAROC (#ComunidadAROC) have done it. In order to create a connection between more advanced members and the youngest ones, we created an OUT OF THE BOX evento, full of Good Vibe and spontaneity, refreshed by the RedLager of National Talent 507 – for your IDEAS.

    The Main Goal of the #RedHourTime is:

  • Each Business or Entrepreneurship requires the best CREATIVITY tools to materialize their BRAND, position and communicate it. The #ComunidadAROC provide these services: from development and brand positioning, through the following range of Talents:


  • The best of Panama is occurring in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation sectors, so we want to support the products of the #ComunidadAROC, finding for them great outlets and commercial opportunities. This is how we created AROC Finders Network. Register your brand with the #LawyersThatYouLIKE (#AbogadosquetecaenBIEN) and start using our multiple business benefits


The Earth also has CREATIVITY! Thus there are figures of Intellectual Property to protect the characteristics that our Panamanian soil imprints to our agricultural products.

The Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indications, as well as Collective Trademarks were also born in Europe —as well as Trademarks / Patents / Copyrights— to give more value to the origin (farmers in this case).

In AROCPanamá we are faithful believers in contributing to our country with an innovative legal practice that creates other opportunities for many people knows the complete HISTORY of café de Palmira with treir Movie!

INFORMATION = POWER. We move towards educating, training and shaping the National Talent of Panama for the development of better practices so they may thrive and #LivefromyourIDEAS (#VivirdetusIDEAS ). We also work to increase awareness and improve practices in the Traditional Companies of Panama. Through our continuing education on Intellectual Property and Innovation Management we have achieved evolution in the practices of sectors such as Advertising and Art Galleries in our country.

  • ASK FOR TRAINING OF IDEAS for your TEAM or group!


    We conduct shaping and training sessions tailored to your business or enterprise - so that all your personnel is clear clear on the best ways to market your IDEAS.

  • In College and with many entrepreneurial ideas, tell your teachers to invite us!


    Our Corporate Social Responsibility is spreading KNOWLEDGE. We shape young people without any cost at any campus that the #LawyersThatYouLike (#AbogadosquetecaenBIEN) are invited to, and we do in order to transmit our experience.

  • If you're ready to INTERNATIONALIZE what you do, AROC Panama is your way!

    Exporting Talent

    The progress of the #NewTrademarksofPanama (#NuevasMarcasdePanamá) allows us to start exporting all the good stuff that is being produced in PANAMA.

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